Monday, February 27, 2017

Author adds steampunk to writers festival

Article from the Salmon Arm Observer:
 “Steampunk was a world I thought I invented,” says Lilburn, who favours writing about the implications of alternate dimensions. “When I was going through my dimensions, I thought there needs to be a world where there is no electricity, everything is powered by steam.”
Lilburn did some research and was immediately attracted to her discovery of this very different steampunk culture that was already online and in movies.
“At the time science was really leaping forward and Queen Victoria favoured science. Think if that would have progressed in a different direction, it could have been airships and laser cannons.”
Lilburn became a published author at 40, after she became comfortable with who she is.
“I was one of those people who had an imagination that went a little bit too far and was always told I had to rein it in, that I was too bizarre,” laughs Lilbur who, while enjoying the Shakespeare she learned in school, had a lot of fantasies about dragons and unicorns – a lot of fighting monsters travelling through crazy magic.
“I remember giving my teacher one of my stories outside of class and she said ‘this is not my style, I don’t know how to get into this.”
Lilburn describes high school years as a really dark time for a lot of people and explains her therapy was writing poetry and art in an attempt to reach out to people to get their attention with what she was doing.
As an adult, she began writing what she thought readers would accept.
“I thought I had to, then I kind of realized it was boring and I knew how I could make myself happy where other people couldn’t, and I started writing the craziest stuff I could,”
“I firmly believe in haunting, the supernatural,” she says. “I think I would prefer fiction to reality; when people try to get you to believe in real ghosts, it’s not as compelling as what’s in people’s imagination.”
Her audience is primarily teenagers, a time, she says, when people want to discover their passion and the path forward.
“I think the reason I am so involved in this is because I didn’t find it fast enough; I was told not to (discover) and there wasn’t room to experiment.” 
Her workshop will be “What the punk?” an exploration of steampunk history, its origin and how to apply it to every genre of writing.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New classes starting January 26th
I am lucky to stretch my wings out to Raymond and start Creative Writing and Art Journaling For details see  

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

              Word on the Lake

I am excited to announce my participation in the Word on the Lake Writer's Festival organized by the Shushwap Association of Writers.  They invited me because I'm hip and I know about steampunk. I'm so flattered.  With some great creative writing classes under my belt I am ready to explore some steampunk character archetypes and inventions. Being a teacher is a great job/ could be a great job when the students want to learn.  I'm not good at motivating people to learn, that is a skill in itself.  So when I know my class/ audience is ready and willing I get super excited.  This event will rock.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Creative Writing Classes

Join me at CASA for a creative writing class starting in March 2017 I am excited to use a story analysis tool kit made by the makers of ON SPEC as part of my curriculum.  See the CASA website for details

Monday, April 4, 2016

Here is the first drawing in my coloring book.  There are 30 pages of fun collections and portraits of human curiosity in "Collections and Curiosities" accompanied by quotes from some of my favorite people including Bill Nye, Leonardo DaVinci and Maya Angelou.  Official release date is May 1st but I'm taking pre-orders at 20 clams including shipping. Meet me at Kapow Comics and Games on Free Comic Book Day to receive a free print of Harley Quinn and check out the other 29 drawings in "Collections and Curiosities"!