Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Hand-painted digital art

Newest project: digital scrapbooking! Go to to see my hand-painted digital art for download.

So, a designer pack has backgrounds, embellishments and word art included.  Here is a sample of each.  Every item is painted or sculpted first then scanned as either a jpeg or png.  They are only a few dollars, about $9 for the designer pack, each with a specific theme.  I had fun creating them.  Some things are elements from my artwork that I will be showing at CASA in November and December 2018.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Vine Leaves Literary Journal

This beautiful book is available for pre-order here.  I contributed a vignette, "Bomb Shelter".  This book was a massive undertaking and I'm crossing my fingers for the publisher that they will find success!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Starward Tales II

Starward Tales II: Another Anthology of Speculative Legends by [Droege, CB]A new anthology is out! I have a story in Starward Tales II.  The theme is legends and folk tales set in space. You can find it here or here . "The Signal" is about a convoy ship receive a distress call that sounds like a Grimm's Fairy tale.  The e-book is cheep plus I will have copies.  Check it out.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Read female authors

I found this great quote from The Importance of Reading Women. I even toned it down so check the link for the full version.
"Women writers could acknowledge that society treated their male counterparts differently. That there was something quietly suffocating about growing up as a woman because there were very specific expectations about what you ought to being doing with your life and your body. Male authors had the privilege of not having to discuss sexism either because they were unaware of it or took it for granted."  and
"The greatest statement a female author can make, and so many female authors have made it, is simply to write the way women actually are. Katniss Everdeen and Hermione Granger don’t need to constantly discuss the pangs of womanhood, yet they still manage to subvert sexist expectations because they are smart, capable and heroic."
As a campaign I started the hashtag #publishwomen but it should also include read and buy books by women, review women, award women, include women.

Monday, August 14, 2017

The Year of Publishing Women

It has come to my attention that there is not enough awareness on The Year of Publishing Women.  I did a presentation at When Words Collide last weekend and I realized more needs to be done. So for the next while I will be posting parts of the presentation.  If you want the entire thing just ask and I will send it to you.  Share it within your sphere of influence: your librarians, your publishers, your book shop owners and your readers. We want all areas of the literary community to support female authors in the year 2018.  Publish them, purchase them, review them, recommend them.
The literary establishment doesn’t like books about women. Why not? Women are more than half our culture. If half the adults in our culture have no voice, half the world’s experience is not being attended to, learnt from or built upon. Humanity is only half what we could be.  We don’t question that cultural bias when it comes to judging prizes. I’m not saying people are prejudiced, but we have innate biases. And women can be just as bad, sometimes even worse, than men for this, and it will translate into every aspect of the judgments we make.”

Why does this shocking disparity exist, even though there are many women judges? It’s not anything to with who is judging. It’s about the culture we’re embedded in and that’s embedded in us all of us, women and men.  - Nicola Griffith